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(2012) 56 Minute – For BBC N.I. – Available in January 2012

The Titanic is one of the twentieth century’s most enduring cultural icons, not only because of the world-beating engineering it’s construction involved but also because of the huge loss of life it’s sinking in April 1912 caused.

This drama explores the theory that it might not have been so, but for the fatal mistakes of Captain Stanley Lord and the crew of the Californian, which was within range of the Titanic on that fateful night, almost 100 years ago.

This courtroom drama, based on the official British Inquiry into the “Californian Incident” held in Westminster in 1912, recreates the actual events and evidence as presented by the various witnesses to the tragedy.

Despite a concerted attempt by Captain Stanley Lord to cover up his mishandling of the crisis, the Inquiry ultimately found that “...the Californian could have pushed through the ice, come to the assistance of the Titanic and saved most, if not all, of the fifteen hundred lives that were lost.” The Titanic Inquiry is a wholly fresh look at what really happened on that fateful night in April 1912.

An entire century later we seek to ensure that the story of the Californian Incident does not remain the greatest story never told!

(2011) 2 x 56 Minutes – for BBC N.I.

This powerful two part drama tells the horrific story of Father Brendan Smyth, the Irish priest, who for 30 years was a serial child abuser and yet evaded any detection of his crimes, with the collusion of his Head Abbot in the
Nobentine order.
Based on the investigative journalist Chris Moore’s book of the same name, he was the UTV journalist who broke the story of Brendan Smyth’s debauchery in the breakthrough documentary, Suffer Little Children.

First broadcast in Northern Ireland in 1994, the fallout from this transmission led to such huge public outcry throughout the country, that Smyth was subsequently tried and jailed for 4 years in Belfast.

However, the consequences were also felt directly in the Republic where the coalition government collapsed when it was revealed that the Attorney General’s Office had seriously delayed an extradition warrant from the RUC (Royal Ulster Constabulary) for Smyth. Finally, the Head Abbot in Kilnacrott Abbey was forced to resign for his role in shielding Smyth.


85 Minutes (2010)

In the booming Celtic Tiger city of Dublin comes another unwilling recruit to the sex trade.

Trafficked in the back of a van, young African girl Taiwo (Ruth Negga), believes she is about to start a new life free from the oppression at home. But she soon finds herself trapped in a dark seedy underworld of vice and drugs.

She meets small time hood Keely (Karl Shiels), who unwittingly changes both their lives when he steals her from the gangsters she was supposed to work for.




(2009) 56 Minutes – for BBC N.I

This is the fascinating true life story of one of Ireland’s most infamous unsolved murders.

It is the tale of how an innocent man was found guilty but insane of the brutal homicide of a young woman from a very prominent family.

Told in the superb period details, Scapegoat contains a combustible mix This tense drama ultimately outlines for viewers the most likely scenario as to how and why this shocking and infamous murder happened, which will guarantee some surprises.

What the critics said: “Scapegoat is… a classic murder mystery…scrupulous attention to period details…an intricately melodramatic tale” – Liam Fay, The Sunday Times.




(2009) 86 Mins

P.J`s in a pickle, his parents are missing, he is a spectacular failure at
running their bakery, CUP CAKE, and he is up to his neck in debt with the local

To add to his misery, he has been duped into marriage by their
impossibly tanned and serially jilted sister, Kitty. Enter Gala, a mysterious, beautiful artist with a few tricks of her own. P.J. , a robot-obsessed dreamer and his hapless friends, aided by the ever resourceful Gala, set about cooking up the revival of CUP CAKE’s fortunes, and spicing up P.J`s love life along the way.

This charming independent rom-com features a great ensemble cast including
leading actors, Michelle Fairley (Harry Potter ; Game of Thrones), Clive Russell
(Great Expectations ; The Railway Children) and Adam Best (Waking the Dead ; Silent Witness) as the gormless P.J., whose friends rally around him to bring CUP CAKE to a warm and fuzzy ending.


(108 minutes)

Bloom is the first contemporary film version, derived from the novel that is generally regarded as one of the greatest works of fiction in the English language.
On the morning of the 16th June 1904, Leopold Bloom set out on a journey that was to become one of the greatest tales of the 20th century.

Adapted from James Joyce’s Ulysses and starring Academy Award® nominee, Stephen Rea, IFTA Award Winner, Angeline Ball, Hugh O’Conor and Patrick Bergin, Bloom is an enthralling story of love, loss and lust - a fantastical adventure into the imaginations and desires of Stephen Dedalus, Molly Bloom and the extraordinary Leopold Bloom.

The film begins with Molly Bloom’s streaming interior monologue. It is the night of Bloomsday. Molly is awake, her mind awash with thoughts of the day just passed; her affair with Blazes Boylan; her marriage to Leopold; her life as a child; her existence as a person. At the opposite end of the bed lies Leopold Bloom, his toes cajoling her face.

We leave Molly and return to earlier on the same day where both Stephen Dedalus and Leopold Bloom have risen and are embarking on their, as yet un-united journeys.

The events that follow are a voyage into the enthralling minds of Stephen Dedalus and Leopold Bloom. Stephen, young poet and intellectual, strives to affirm, accept and rejoice in his own complex identity. Bloom, the complete, rounded man is content.

He understands and has accepted the reality and failings of the world around him and yet his mind is a spectacular stream of ideas, thoughts and revelations – a mind which reveals the essence of humanity – a mind which reflects each and everyone of us.

Bloom’s and Stephen’s paths are utterly unified within the anguish and exhilaration of “Nighttown” which is the crisis of the film – this is a meteoric episode in which the events of Bloomsday and of Bloom’s and Stephen’s experiences explode in an interweaving, interchanging, ever changing landscape of nightmare.

It is now late at night at Bloomsday. The nightmare is over and Bloom returns home to sleep after a long day’s journey. As Bloom sleeps we return, as we began, to Molly’s soliloquy.

Again her mind is a swirling mix of thoughts about her affair with Boylan; the potential seduction of Stephen; the death of their son Rudy and finally of the day that Bloom proposed to her at Howth Head.

This excellent film ends as it began with the word “yes”. Bloom is a tapestry of links and ideas - the revelation of man’s inner thoughts and consciousness.

Borstal Boy

(2000) 93 minutes

Shawn Hatosy (The Faculty; Where the Heart Is) and Danny Dyer (Human Traffic) star in this gritty adaptation of Irish writer, Brendan Behan's eponymously titled book, based on his personal experiences in an English reform school. During World War Two, Brendan, still only sixteen, but a committed IRA member, travelled to Liverpool with a suitcase of explosives.

However, his bombing mission was foiled when he was apprehended, charged and subsequently imprisoned in Borstal, a reform institution for young offenders in East Anglia, England.

Now forced to do time with those he was indoctrinated to consider "the enemy", Brendan found that his staunch Republican beliefs were being put to the ultimate test.

This realisation created a deep inner conflict in the young Irishman and forced a self-examination that was both traumatic and revealing, forcing Brendan to ultimately face up to the truth.

In this, his impressive debut feature, acclaimed director Peter Sheridan skilfully brings to life this absorbing story of courage, friendship and love. What the critics say: "Instantly captivating" - Hot Press * * * * * "A Gem…. Full of quiet humour and humanity" - Sunday Tribune World broadcast rights available, excluding North America.


(1985) 2 ½ hours

Director Garry Hyne’s definitive TV version of Synge’s masterpiece, filmed at the famous Donmar Warehouse, for which she was nominated for Best Director in the 1985 Olivier Awards. Produced by Brian Palfrey’s Ravel Films.

Playboy of the Western World is a story set in a remote community on the west coast of Ireland at the turn of the 20th Century.

As with most such communities life revolves around the local inn where the landlord’s daughter Margaret is being wooed by one of the local lads. One night a mysterious stranger arrives which prompts the locals to figure out what his story is, where he comes from.

The stranger’s secrets are revealed and not only does he win the respect of all the local men folk and becomes a local hero but he wins the heart of Margaret, much to the chagrin of the man who was convinced they would be spending the rest of their lives together.